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From representing thousands of employees in multi-million dollar class actions to reviewing separation agreements and claims for unemployment benefits, Mr. Betzen has handled a broad range of employment related issues.  What makes his experience unique is that Mr. Betzen has ample experience representing both employees and management.  This balance experience gives him the benefit of an unbiased perspective.  Why trust your issues to an entrenched firm that specializes in either employee or management issues when you can benefit from objective, unvarnished counsel. 


Attorney Adam J. Betzen has extensive experience with wage and overtime disputes.  He has handled non-compete cases and restrictive covenant cases.  He has helped clients settle disputes with former employees who had trade secret information.  Mr. Betzen has been involved in discrimination cases big and small.  He has won summary judgments for employers who did nothing wrong and he has won lucrative settlements for employees who were wronged.  If you are a company facing litigation with an employee, or you want to avoid litigation with an employee, contact Betzen Law Office.  If you are an employee who has been let go, contact Betzen Law Office before you sign anything.  Mr. Betzen can give you a frank evaluation of your situation.


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