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If you are a business owner facing litigation, you are making a tough decision. But if you are forced to file a lawsuit you cannot afford blunders. At Betzen Law Office, LLC, we are small enough to focus, but big enough to win.


As an entrepreneur myself, I understand the rewards and constraints facing small and mid-sized businesses.  I am a litigator because I like to fight and win for my clients, but I understand that any corporate or commercial litigation must be a business decision.  I pride myself on being nimble and creative in attacking litigation rather than following a formula.  I focus on cost-effective strategies.  I know that managing a litigation budget is as important as managing documents or motion-practice.  In a lawsuit, every litigation decision should consider the financial impact of the strategy.  My goal is to keep my clients advised on not just their legal rights, but the costs of litigation as well. 


If you have a corporate attorney who has handled your business needs or reviewed contracts for you in the past, you know the benefits of having an attorney you trust.  But when facing a lawsuit, you need an attorney who is a litigator – someone with courtroom experience.  Unlike your corporate attorney or your estate planner, I have focused my legal career on the courtroom.  Let me work with your company’s corporate lawyer when handling litigation.  I find the cooperation is an ideal means to achieve your business and litigation goals - you benefit from continuing the relationship with an attorney with institutional knowledge you trust while gaining the insight of a dedicated litigator with the experience you need.  I have a track record of combining forces with co-counsel to scale up for larger disputes while maintaining the individual attention only available from a solo attorney.  By combining forces between a litigator like me and your corporate attorney, your business reaps the robust benefits of a larger law firm. And you don’t have to leave your corporate attorney and won’t have to pay the larger law firm bills.


In running Betzen Law Office, LLC, I check my ego and put the client’s needs first.  I know that practicing as a solo attorney allows me to keep costs down and pass the savings on to my clients.  Early in a lawsuit, working with a solo attorney assures that a lawyer is focused on the demands of your case.  I also know the demands of hard fought litigation.  As you case progresses and the time demands increase, I have a track record and a willingness to partner with other accomplished attorneys who can add value to you litigation.  You get cost savings of an experienced solo attorney and the flexibility to handle anything that may come along.  I’ve done it before for clients, and if the time comes, I can do it for you.


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